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77,99 EUR*
Details Thinking about Cultural Resource Management: Essays from the Edge (Heritage Resource Management)

Thinking About Cultural Resource Management Collection of provocative essays on how to improve cultural resource management practice by the leading consultant in the field. Full description

49,00 EUR*
Details Distributed Two-Layered Resource Management with Data Replication: Distributed Two-Layered Approach for Resource Management with Data Replication to Enhance P2P and Grid Scheduling

Distributed Two-Layered Resource Management with Data Replication The Internet provides a pool of resources that requires management techniques that will propagate the continued success of Internet entities, such as Grid and P2P applications. In this ...

59,49 EUR*
Details Resource Management in Developing Countries: Africa's Ecological and Economic Problems

Resource Management in Developing Countries An interdisciplinary approach to the problem of resource management in developing countries. Focusing on Africa, it explains the reasons for the continent's declining resource base from historical ...

197,94 EUR*
Details Building Knowledge-Based Systems for Natural Resource Management

Building Knowledge-Based Systems for Natural Resource Management This is the first book to provide a detailed process for planning, designing, implementing, and testing knowledge-based systems for natural resource management. It presents material on ...

40,79 EUR*
Details Management Skills in Schools: A Resource For School Leaders

Management Skills in Schools 'For the discerning leader wanting to develop their personal management skills this is a "must have" resource.' - Coleen R Jackson, Director, Roehampton Education Leadership Centre University of Surrey Roehampton Full ...

50,92 EUR*
Details Willing Slaves?: British Workers under Human Resource Management (Cambridge Studies in Management, Band 21)

Willing Slaves? This book looks at recent changes in management approach and current employer-worker relations.

171,19 EUR*
Details The Management of Human Resources in Chinese Industry (Studies on the Chinese Economy)

The Management of Human Resources in Chinese Industry This text analyzes the management of human resources covering the period from 1949 to the present, particularly focusing on the period of economic reforms in the 1980s and early 1990s. The study ...

94,58 EUR*
Details Water Resources Planning and Management

Water is an increasingly critical issue at the forefront of global policy change, management and planning. There are growing concerns about water as a renewable resource, its availability for a wide range of users, aquatic ecosystem health, and global ...